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Does ABN Amro Bank offer p2p lending? 

Yesterday the headline of Dutch De Financiele Telegraph read "ABN AMRO brings together borrowers and lenders". ABN Amro is a large bank in the Netherlands. The article mentioned Boober and that ABN Amro is offering a different service.

So what is ABN Amro offering? P2P lending?

Actually the service in question can be found on this page and it is a free download document that lenders and borrowers can use to agree on a loan contract between them. Other the supplying the download ABN Amro is not involved in any resulting loans. In fact the site states (in Dutch):

… The general information on this page has not been meant as a recommendation. ABN Amro will not take liability …

I guess that can be filed under marketing using the 'peer-to-peer loan' buzz or at best under customer service.

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One Response to “Does ABN Amro Bank offer p2p lending?”

  1. Zeon Says:

    It may also be seen as a malicious way for abn to react against Boobe.nl ( Boober claiming on his website that by 2010, 10% of the market share will be lost by banks ) … bank highlight that P2P lending does not require a P2P plattform, customer tries, gets into trouble, some press coverage about the troubles encountered by the concerned customer, to end up with a general /statement that lending is a matter of professionnals ( ie banks )

    yeah I know… banks are not (that) malicious… ;-)