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P2P Lending Sites in Europe 

Visualizations are great to show data that would otherwise just be a long list. I decided to create a map of the p2p lending landscape in Europe. It shows active and discontinued p2p lending services in Europe (including p2p microfinance). Not listed are sites that are in pre-launch stage. All of these marketplaces have been featured earlier in the P2P-Banking.com blog. If you want more information about any of them just enter the name in the search box on the top right of this blog.

Notice to other websites: You are free to copy and use this map, provided you agree not to alter or resize the image and you will set a link to this article.

Notice to p2p lending sites: If you want to be included in a future version of this map, contact me to learn how.


3 Responses to “P2P Lending Sites in Europe”

  1. tim Says:

    YES-secure.com, missing on UK map ..

  2. wiseclerk Says:

    I got a message saying that Boober Italy and Zopa Italy are still in suspended (since July 2009). I did not verify this with other sources, but if it is correct, then this services should also marked with “XXX” as currently not in operation.

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